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Streamline Your Marketing with Live Chat

Adding a human touch and real-time help, live chat offers a unique marketing opportunity. Every time it is used, consumers love it, sales increase, and revenues skyrocket.

Marketing Chat

Popup message

Pop-up Message

Display pop-up messages on your website. Use text and profile images to standout. Create multiple pop-ups and automatically display them for specific use cases and situations.

  • Multiple pop-ups
  • Automated pop-ups
  • Multilingual

Welcome Message

Send a welcome message the first time a user visits your website and opens the chat. Display it on page load or when the user opens the chat and creates multiple messages via automations.

  • Multiple options
  • Multiple and automated messages
  • Multilingual
Welcome Message

Follow-up message

Follow-up message

Send a message requesting the user's email if no agents reply within 15 seconds. This feature can also be used if all agents are offline. Phone number and other fields are supported, too.

  • Support for phone number and other fields
  • Multilingual

Subscribe Message

Use live chat to increase your newsletter subscribers. Send messages to requesting user email addresses and setting up future confirmation emails. This feature integrates with major newsletter services.

  • Integration with the major newsletter services
  • Multilingual message and email
Subscribe message

Newsletter Subscription

Push users farther down your funnel by subscribing them to your preferred newsletter service when they provide an email via live chat. Optionally, set a specific list and include the name of the user.

  • Mailchimp
  • Elastic Email
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Sendinblue
  • SendGrid

Newsletter brands
Automated messages

Automations and Triggers

Automations allow you to send messages, show pop-ups, customize the chat design, and more when specific conditions – set by you – are validated. Access more that 13 conditions and 5 automation types.

  • Messages, pop-ups, emails, SMS, and design
  • More than 13 conditions

Multi-Users Direct Message

Send direct chat messages, emails, and text messages to your users in real-time. Personalize every message with custom merge fields and automatically send notifications.

  • Support for emails, SMS and text messages
  • Send messages to several users
Direct message

Marketing Chatbot

Amplify the power of the tools mentioned on this page by pairing marketing tools with the chat bot. The bot can automate everything, including replying to user questions related to marketing campaigns. By doing this, the chat bot can improve the customer experience while saving you time and hard work.

Explore Smart Bot

Social Share

Send messages to customers and ask them to share their current pages on social networks and messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter and more. Increase your website traffic and social presence.

  • Support for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linked-in, Pinterest
  • More services coming soon
Social share

Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat

Have your agents reach out to online visitors before they start a chat. Agents can access the online users list from the admin area and invite any user to engage in a live chat interaction.

  • Real-time online users list
  • Send a message to online users

Rich Messages and Surveys

Agents can engage users with more than 10 rich messages and can combine them to create surveys. Agents can insert rich messages as strings of parameters directly in messages.

  • 10+ rich message types
  • Surveys
  • Rich message as shortcode
  • Custom rich messages
Rich messages