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What is Google Ads

When you search for something in Google, you might have noticed that the first few links are tagged as “Ad”. Yes, they are sponsored links on Google search pages by business owners.

It’s an easy and quick way to get visibility for your business and the best part is they are always placed over organic results. Pricing works on pay-per-click(PPC) models.

Ad Placements

Search Ads

Reach customers interested in your product or services with text ads.

Display Ads

Run different types of ads across the web

Local Ads

Drive customers to a physical location

Shopping Ads

Promote your products with shopping ads

Video ads

Reach and Engage viewers on YouTube and across the web

App Ads

Drive app promotion across Google’s network

Smart Ads

Reach your business goals with automated ads on Google

Discovery Ads

Run ads on YouTube, Gmail, Discover and more

Google Partner

We are Google certified partners. Google believes that we have enough expertise and experience to derive the best of Google Ads platform.


A lot goes beyond
successful campaign

Competitor Analysis

A serious examination goes far by giving you genuine understanding into what works and doesn't in your market.

Keyword research

We'll look at keywords and costs to see which ones have the most potential for a high return on investment.

Bidding Strategy

To take your campaign's performance to the next level, choose the proper bidding type and apply a sound strategy.

Monitor and Optimize

We keep a close eye on performance and make adjustments as needed.

Lower CPC Guaranteed

We guarantee that you have an exceptional yield on venture (ROI)such that you bring more cash back than you spent.

Business Partner

We don’t just stick to deliverables, we want to hear your ideas and what you think it will take to reach your goals and grow your business faster.

Up to date reporting

Our proprietary reporting system ensures quality reporting which gives you insights into performance of key performance indicators.

Dedicated Social Media Specialist

Your dedicated Google Ads specialist will be with you throughout the project with a maximum response time of 4hrs.

Undivided attention

From day one, you are assured to experience honest communication, short turnaround times and quality work.

What you get when you
partner with emovur

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads works by showing your promotion when individuals search online for business and services/products you give.

To decide the amount Google Ads costs, you increase your expense per click by the number of impressions it requires each day to arrive at your objective lead volume.

You can track the success of your campaigns as every month, you'll receive a complete report with cost and top recommendations based on the performance.

It's basically characterized as "the sum spent to get an Ad clicked."

Google Search Network,Google Display Network, Google Partner Network as Per the business goal.

Your promotions will be noticeable when you start the campaign for the appropriate keyword and unique Ad copies.

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