Website Redesign Checklist: A Result Driven Guide in 2020


Website Redesign Checklist: A Result Driven Guide in 2020

Setup a goal on what you want to accomplish before you start working on your website redesign like increasing sales or developing an active community.

Sometimes you may have decent smaller goals to accomplish such as getting more traffic to the site or collecting emails via making people signup.

Only such goals will help your business if it is measurable. Recent studies say that the goals which are very well defined will be successful and can boost an achievement rate at 180% which is very impressive.

So we recommend you to note down the list of your goals and prioritize them accordingly so that you will get to know what to focus on in your website redesign project for your business.

Ask these Questions

  1. What am I going to achieve through this website redesign?
  2. What is my ‘website redesign cost’ that could be around?
  3. What is the total time I’m willing to spend on this plan?
  • Define your Users


What is the use of the website without your users? So always keep your user in mind when you redesigning your website.

It is good to know about core customers to create a website with a great user experience which is very important.

To begin with, finding out solutions to the following questions.

  1. Who are your business-related target audience and where they are?
  2. Through Analytics find out at which your website do users love to spend more time?
  3. Does your website content optimized naturally and does it to your audience search intent?
  4. Which and what type of keywords are making your users attracted to your site?
  • Redesigning your Website with SEO


A website redesign makes no sense if your users cannot locate or find you online. To improve your website presence, you have to get found by your users.

Website redesign project plan doesn’t mean that you have to start everything from scratch, you can just make use of a lot of the current pages that already doing good you still have a chance to make it better by considering our website redesign checklist.

So while redesigning your website it can be sometimes stressful if you don’t give attention to the SEO part and of course, you don’t want to lose the hard-earned rankings.

Therefore, consider these top website redesign tips while considering the SEO too.

  1. Find out which pages have already done better and which meta is well positioned in search engines.
  2. Spy on your out the keywords you have used and check how they are ranked.
  3. Collect the competitors to find find out their list of keywords related to your business.
  4. Make a list of keywords & phrases based on what users have search queries.
  5. Generate effective page titles, meta descriptions, and rest of the tags for your content.
  6. Through search console fix problems like sitemaps, 301 & 302 links, crawl stats.
  7. keep an eye on blocked content with Robots.txt and manually decorate your landing page your 404 errors.
  8. A proper list of internal and external links to make your content more engaging.
  9. Finally, take a backup of everything related to your website.
  • Content Strategy for Your Website Redesign


A recent survey related to the blog says that those businesses who have a blog were able to receive 60% of increased visitors where they got around 92% of inbound links and 400% of more pages get indexed.

So without a doubt in this website redesign checklist, content strategy plays an important role in finding the type of content which is working and helps us to improve where we can.

Here are a few tips to adopt while doing content strategy when you consider a website redesign.

  1. Research the type of content that attracts your target audience.
  2. Try to find out the opportunity where you can make use of your old content.
  3. Write such content that fulfills the search intent and should be easily accessible by users
  4. Keep an eye on how your real-time content is performing on your website.
  5. Never ignore the CTA ( Call to Action ) button to add.

Implement this simple SEO website redesign checklist which can deliver a smooth SEO migration to your new website.

  • Consider Implementing a Better UX


Just having good content and design is not enough even we have to pay attention to UX which describes our design that acts as a center point of your website’s overall user experience. If we have a bad UI then your visitors will find difficulty in interacting with your website which ultimately makes them confused or difficult for them to stay longer on site.

  • Hire a Reputable Website Redesign Agency


This If you already are developer and designer who have better experience in designing and developing a website then you might not face any issues or difficulty in redesigning your site but if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, independent who is new to the world of web design, then it’s best to leave it to the website professionals.

This can save a lot of time that you can add this time to how to improve your sales strategy. Remember, when you are about to search for the agency then just typing the best web design company near me and hiring one is not safe, find the one who has been in this business having years of experience and check out their portfolio by which you can easily judge the agency.

  • Don’t Forget to Perform User Testing

The redesigning of your website is done following all the redesign checklist mentioned. But wait doesn’t publish it yet until you make others see and experience it like the way visitors will fell with their fresh eyes.

So we advise you to make it get tested by your known customers or friends who can test yours by completing some few actions like making a purchase, filling the form, or navigating to services or products or blog pages in different devices and browsers.  

And finally, let them make a note of issues they faced so that you can fix it and makes changes before you make your website go live.

  • Hurray! You can Launch Your New Website Now!

You have followed and implemented all the steps listed out in the checklist and are ready for the public. Cool, you can publish it now but keep an eagle eye on web analytics to track your user’s behavior and act according to that flow.

Here is the bitter truth, you should never assume or taken granted that a website redesign accomplishes your goals in a short period. Patience is the key to success right, don’t you think so?

So initially start tracking specific metrics and goals so that you get to know what is working and then continue to make small modifications according to the data you get.

The perfect redesign of the website is a great way that can take your website’s journey with your users far from 2020 and more. 

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