Web Design Trends in 2020: The Factors That Boost Conversion Rate


Top Web Design Trends in 2020 to Consider

Are you an entrepreneur or blogger? Do you want to convert the incoming traffic into customers or boost better conversions on your service or product based websites? Then you have landed into the right place to make use of our most tested and working Top Web Design Trends in 2020.

We cannot deny the fact that the latest website design trends take the lead under many speculations regarding the fundamental factors that contribute to boosting the conversion. Don’t believe it? Well, according to the recent research done by UX school ( Report by UX School ) it has confirmed that around 83% of online consumers will never return the website after they had a bad user experience.

So having just a stunning online presence or website that technically functions properly or ranking on Google’s first page with killer content and features does not mean that your website will convert your users the way you want to. Factors like graphics, animations, images, web design color trends, attractive logo and so on – all these factors play an important role and help to draw first and the last impression of your website and these major factors decides whether your user is going to stay and exit your site which results in increasing the bounce rate.

So that was just the overview of the Top UI Design Trends for Websites which we are going to discuss further in-depth about each trend.

So without wasting time let’s look into Service, Product & Ecommerce Web Design Trends in 2020 that will determine your online performance and boost your conversion rate.

  • Never Ever Ignore Your Site Structure

No matter which website you have but without a doubt the structure of your website plays a vital role as design and content. But unfortunately when it comes to Best Web Design current Trends in 2020 people are not giving the same attention for website structure like they give it to content and design or any other SEO perspective critical parts of the website process instead of giving attention more on and gets excited over font and color choices, but that’s a huge mistake!

We believe that if your website’s attractive design and killer content are its body and soul, then your site structure is something like the backbone of your website. Therefore the pages or menu’s on-site should be very well organized in a hierarchy manner and that is what Google prefers. What if a new user lands your website and faces difficulty in finding the “About Us” page?

Just give more attention to what is most important for the reader or users to know about your website.

Adopt these 5 steps for a better result:

  • Think and Plan Before You Do
  • Symmetry Is Key
  • Focus on your Page Slugs ( Google hates lengthy )
  • Place Your Menu Front and Center
  • Keep It Clear and Simple

Therefore when it comes to the list of latest web design trends the most vital part of your website is user experience. The better the website structure is the better user experience. Simple right?

  • Optimize Your Landing Pages For Better & Increased Conversion

Is your goal to generate sales and capture leads? If yes then you need to optimize on your website’s landing pages to ensure they are working hard enough for you to provide the expected results.

In a simple technical way, a landing page is any page where users or future customers can land on your site. Well, that makes every page like services or product page on your site a landing page because as the name suggests, these are landing pages, where visitors get detailed information about the products or services. So whether it is a product or service page all you have to do is optimize it for better conversions and doing this can lead to significant improvements in business results soon.

Here are the areas you should take care of while optimizing your landing page.

  • Build that Perfect CTA
  • Include Social Proof
  • Use an Appropriate Image or Video for the Hero Shot
  • Keep The Message Consistent Throughout
  • Keep It Clear and Clean
  • Optimize your landing page for SEO

If you want to improve your website conversion rates then approach the above-mentioned landing page optimization techniques.

  • Predictive Analytics: Future Technology

Predictive analytics is an upcoming technology that comes under the category of data analytics intending to make predictions about future outcomes by making use of historical data and analytics techniques such as machine learning and this can be suitable for all sizes of businesses.

So in the upcoming years as the web design industry evolves we can expect more Web Design New trends like Predictive Analytics that transform our existing data in some competent predictions and maximize conversion rates making use of advanced Machine learning technology. So ultimately we can expect our website users to get turned in to loyal leads or customers and resulting in boosting your conversion rates like never before.

Key Takeaway

Consider adopting the above-mentioned tips to tweak your service or products based website design to reach out to the goal of achieving a higher conversion rate like never.

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