How to Explore Businesses With Best Web Design Best Practices?


How to Explore Businesses With Best Web Design Best Practices?

Let’s deal with it – Do you have a website? if yes then it’s Awesome! But just because your services or product-based business have a website and it is live, doesn’t mean that your website design is completely optimized unless you are following the Best web design practices for business.

If you don’t have a website and you don’t know what it is that makes for a successful and innovative site then no worries, you have landed in the right place.

We’re going to give you insight on Best web design best practices in 2020, Best web design standards like choosing the good domain, navigation, best web hosting platforms, great design, how to make your website SEO friendly, and utilization of your social media to ensure greater business success.

Don’t believe me? Well, a recent study says that around 72% of agencies found that a website with a poor design is the most significant weakness of their beloved clients.

This is what forced and inspired me to write this Top 10 web design best practices guide which can be suitable for all small start-ups websites or businesses.

We’ve compiled a Checklist for web design best practices you should implement for greater business success and reach your target.

Web Design Best Practices in 2020 to Follow

  • State your Business clarity

No matter which company website it is but the goal is always to attract and engage more prospects, raise the company brand, or raise awareness, and generate more leads. Right?

Well, to achieve that the first step recommended is to keep your website clean and clear upfront why your business exists and what kind of services is provides or products it is in to.

Doing this your visitors will end up finding exactly what they wanted instead of trying to understand or digging for more information for what your business is all about which ends up with a tragedy.

  • Obtain good domain which suites your business

I have been through dozens of company naming process and it can be a very frustrating experience to see domain names which don’t use natural-sounding names for domains which can be step 1 failure.

If you are wondering on how to choose your domain name then I suggest using such domain names which will communicate important information to your visitors in the very first step itself. 

So having natural domain names might tell your customers or users what your business does Or even it might simply be an easy and effective way for new users to easily reach your site.

  • Choose a best web host for faster site load

In this competitive market, naturally, people will be impatient when there are searching for something on the internet or browsing the internet because they easily find the alternative.

Don’t believe me? A single second of slow in the loading web page can directly cause your sales to decrease by up to 25%. Surprised right?

This might happen with your users too if your website loading speed is slow they might leave your website which is a big impact on your conversation goals like getting users to buy your products or services. 

So I suggest every business website to choose the best web hosting for ecommerce websites or services based so a good host can improve your site loading time which is considered as a ranking signal too according to Google algorithm.

Never go for the cheapest monthly hosting option because such hosting does not typically offer the best value which you looked for.

  • Maintain website  should be SEO friendly

Do you know which is the best place to hide a dead body? Its Google’s or Bing’s search engine’s second page. Yes, 95% of users will never visit the second page of any search engine result page ( SERP ) because they will get there answer for their query on the very first page itself.

So now you understood the value of ranking on the first page right? 

To achieve this your website should be SEO optimized as per the guidelines of search engines. By making your site SEO friendly You can provide great leverage to even small businesses too which are into eCommerce or any kind of services.

Therefore SEO is also one of our simple and effective web design best practices in 2020 suggestions. Too much technical jargon for you right?

Well in that case you should hire the best web development company to get SEO services near you and get your website optimized and adjustments can be made to the content on your site that will help improve your ranking on Google and Bing SERP.

  • Attract an user with good design  for a better user experience

You know a Good Design Makes a Good Impression. How? Well it takes just 1 second for your user to form an opinion on your website based on the website design.

So just getting a website up and buying host and running is easy nowadays but it doesn’t mean that your website is ready. 

You should work on implementing attractive design which even impacts on your basic goals like conversions, traffic which ultimately breaks the success of your website and visitors will end up getting converted by enjoying their experiences and keep coming back in the future. 

Now Its Right to showcase your products and services online

Whether you are into services or products but make sure that you showcase that product or service on your website with a better user experience. There is many ecommerce or services based website which failed in designing to showcase the products or services.

Your website has only a few seconds to make a first impression and that impression should be professional by setting up high-quality products original images or graphical images.

If you are running an offline business something related to products or services then your business might have hit by Covid-19 and led to the complete lockdown of businesses especially those who were selling products offline on streets or shops.

But you don’t need to be panic, Its right time to move your offline business to online as a eCommerce platform if you are into products and it also provides benefits for your businesses during this Covid-19 and of course this outbreak has set an alarm for the ever-transforming business needs in 2020 and so on.

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